Great Music in Movies

I hear some of the most interesting and cool music in movies.

For example, on a lot of Quentin Tarantino movies, like “Pulp Fiction,” the music adds so much to the movie. During the dance scene, when Uma Thurman and John Travolta are dancing, the song, “You Never Can Tell” by Chuck Berry is so catchy it made me want to dance!

And there are two songs on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. — “Che Vuole Questa Musica Stastera” (a beautiful song by Pepino Gagliardi). I have no idea what language it is or what he is singing about but it is enchanting (that’s not a word I use often) and also Jimmy, Renda-Se by Tom Ze (a really upbeat, catchy song). I’m going to buy the songtrack from for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. which is only $9.82 and, and with my Prime membership, free two-day shipping.

Other movies that include great music that really add to the movie:

  • Music and Lyrics
  • Frozen
  • Superman
  • Jaws
  • … so many more

In fact, I use the Shazam app on my smartphone when I’m watching a movie when I hear a great song just so I can buy it on and have it!

P.S. Look for my post about Amazon’s Prime membership — it includes so many benefits and it’s only $99 a year.