An Essay on How Narcissism is Impacted by Today’s Culture

Narcissism and Social Media

Narcissism is excessive self-love, fascination with yourself or vanity. A narcissist seeks enjoyment through admiration of his own looks, personality, or other things about himself (or herself). If narcissism had a catch phrase, it would be “it’s all about me.” For example, a narcissist might fall in love with himself and no one else would be good enough for him. Unfortunately, social media is aimed at making young people promote themselves. Instagram, Twitter, and other social media as well as computer or video games allow young people to be someone who they are not. Of course, young people want to present themselves in the best possible way, especially behind the screen of an iPhone or computer. Young people have always been influenced by their friends or people their own age, so of course they want to “look good” online.

Set A Good Example

In addition, the government supports this false sense of reality by blaming others and making excuses rather than taking responsibility. Taking responsibility involves looking honestly at not only the problems but also the solutions. For example, when the current President blames the previous President for the situations that exist and makes excuses for why things are the way they are, he isn’t taking responsibility for fixing what is wrong. Unfortunately, this sets a bad example for young people, which is why they sometimes blame others and make excuses rather than take responsibility for their own actions. Young people are bombarded by information, whether it is factual or not. Young people are on their iPhones constantly and the information never stops, which is also why bullying is worse than ever before. It is much easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility. Young people want to be different and show that they are unique. But, at the same time, they want to fit in and be like their friends. This may lead to them to do things they wouldn’t normally do and then, unfortunately, blame others for what they did.

Set Boundaries

Young people have iPhones and depend on them to connect with their friends, the world and what’s happening in the world. So parents, like me, must set boundaries for their children so that their kids aren’t constantly on their iPhones. Kids need to interact with real people and participate in real-life and be responsible for what they do. Kids needs to understand that there are consequences for what they do and know that they are going to have to answer for their grades, appearance, their friends and all of the choices they make.

Talk About Taking Responsibility

Responsible, involved parents have learned to unplug and teach their kids to do the same. Talk to your kids, as a family, about issues and discuss how there is a lot of false information on the Internet. Young people will eventually be adults and their parents won’t be there to question their decisions and choices; kids will have to do that for themselves. I can only hope that there are other parents who also are raising their children to be responsible, just as I am. Teaching children to take responsibility rather than place blame will make them better adults and the world will be a much better place.

Please don’t misunderstand; I am not a perfect parent. I don’t believe anyone is perfect. But, we all must do our very best to raise our kids to be prepared for independence and teach them as best we can. Raising kids is the hardest and most important job I will ever have. Don’t you agree?