Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Twist

Looking for a recipe for chocolate chip cookies with a special twist? Well …. here is the recipe you’ve been looking for! Everyone’s had chocolate chip cookies, but my recipe is special. My kids beg me to make them! But, they don’t last long because they are so good! Ingredients: – 2 cups shortening – Read More


An Essay on How Narcissism is Impacted by Today’s Culture

Narcissism and Social Media Narcissism is excessive self-love, fascination with yourself or vanity. A narcissist seeks enjoyment through admiration of his own looks, personality, or other things about himself (or herself). If narcissism had a catch phrase, it would be “it’s all about me.” For example, a narcissist might fall in love with himself and Read More


The Best Plants for a Southwest Garden

Gardening is Easier When You Have the Right Plants Gardening in Las Vegas can be difficult because of the heat. There are certain plants that I have found, over the years and through trial and error, grow well in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is considered Zone 9 for cold-hardiness. I will discuss the Cold-hardiness Zone Read More