Bands Named After Places

Have you ever thought about how many bands are named after places, specifically cities? I remember a conversation with a friend a while ago about all of the bands named after cities. Recently, I got to thinking there were a lot more than the ones we came up with: Kansas, Chicago, Boston, and the Bay City Rollers.

So, I did some research and included below — for those of you who might be interested too — the bands I’ve heard of. Oh, there are a lot more but I included those that I thought most people would be familiar with.

Here’s my list:

Alabama, after the U.S. state of Alabama
Alter Bridge, after a bridge on Alter Road in Detroit, Michigan
America, after the continent of America
Asia, after the continent of Asia
Backstreet Boys, after Back Street Market, a shopping area in Orlando, Florida
Bay City Rollers, after Bay City, Michigan
Boston, after the city of Boston
Bush, after Shepherd’s Bush, a district of London
Chicago, after the city of Chicago (originally Chicago Transit Authority)
Cypress Hill, after a location in South Gate, California
Dru Hill, after Druid Hill Park, a section of Baltimore, Maryland
Earth, after the planet Earth (also an early name of Black Sabbath)
Egypt, after the name of the country Egypt
E Street Band, after E Street in Belmar, New Jersey
Gorky Park, after Gorky Park, an amusement park in Moscow
Kansas, after the U.S. state of Kansas
Linkin Park, after a park (now known as Christine Reed Park) in Santa Monica, California (spelling was changed from Lincoln to Linkin because the domain name was unavailable)
Little River Band, after Little River, Victoria, Australia
The Manhattan Transfer, after John Dos Passos’s novel Manhattan Transfer, which is in turn named after the Manhattan Transfer train station in New York City
Nazareth, after the city of Nazareth
O-Town, after a common nickname for Orlando, Florida
Pantera – originally Pantego, a Texas town
Rascal Flatts, after a geological formation near Catoosa, Oklahoma
Sawyer Brown, after Sawyer Brown Road in the Bellevue section of Nashville, Tennessee
Soundgarden, after the Sound Garden in Seattle, a kinetic sculpture that makes sounds in the wind
Sugarhill Gang, after the Sugar Hill area of Harlem, New York City
Styx, after the mythological river Styx

Whew! That’s a long list and that’s not ALL of them! Some were surprises for me. How about you? Can you think of any others?